I am firmly grounded in the belief that no one can stop me from achieving anything I set my mind to. I know that everything I need in life lies within me. I recognize the power of my thoughts, the value of self-awareness, and the responsibility in my choices. Through my life’s journey, I have become aware of the importance of being non-judgmental toward myself and others. I feel that it is this belief that gives people the feeling of comfort when I interact with them.

Every business out there requires customers, of course. If you want your customer-base to stick with your product and keep coming back, you need to make sure you retain your customers for the long run by building long-term customer relationships. I have been actively working towards creating a better platform for small businesses and individuals to find their online presence towards the growth. Therefore, to make the payment process simple for startups and SMEs I decided to start PayG- One Platform Unlimited Solution.

With this, I along with Lekhraj Singh, Manvendra Singh and Ankita Chamapawat came up with this noble idea of starting MyRajasthan Club- to connect people belonging to Rajasthani community.

Beginning of MyRajasthan Club

As we all are aware that the pandemic Covid-19 has affected millions all over the world. The pandemic has also a huge impact on small and medium businesses. Similar was the case with Rajasthani people as well all over India. It was a plight that they had to migrate to their native state Rajasthan during those times because of loss of business or income. Had there been some information on Rajasthani people migrating they would definitely be given some helping hand by their own community people. Also, many people lost their jobs during this time period. Many people from Rajasthan went in search of job outside the state. But it is not easy to find a suitable job without any helping hand in an unknown place.

Loss of businesses and income strike the minds of a few people who thought of a way of connecting Rajasthani with Rajasthani both inside and outside India. These people felt the need to connect people belonging to Rajasthani community with one another from any place with help of the latest technology updates. The idea was to help people find the best available Rajasthani service near their place in less time.

About Us

Rajasthan has always served famous industrialists to the world from times immemorial. Today also entrepreneurs from Rajasthan are witnessing success all over the world. It is rightly said that a Marwari person has expertise in managing money right from birth. A Marwari has good knowledge of investing money and that too for the long term.

Still, something lags behind as all business personnel are not always connected with people belonging to their native state. This is a plight that being the state of big industrialists Rajasthani people find it difficult to increase their span of business especially the small and medium enterprises. All community people are not connected with one another because of a lack of knowledge and technology.

MyRajasthan Club is one such platform that will help to bring each member of the community to one platform. MyRajasthan Club aims to reach various parts of the globe wherever Rajasthani people live and bring them all together at one stand. Each user of the club will find it easy to search for suitable service in their vicinity with this one application.


MyRajasthan Club has the mission to connect each Rajasthani with another inside and outside India to grow their connections and business. The aim is to give different business ideas to Rajasthani people and make them reach to various corners of the globe.


MyRajasthan Club envisions creating one platform for all Rajasthani community people. The vision is to witness the growth of the entire state of Rajasthan.

Beginning of PayG

The idea was simple – get payment gateway integration for start-ups and merchants within 15 minutes. The existing systems needed a lot of paperwork and took close to a month to integrate.

PayG is going to open the doors for large-scale adoption of digital payments across India, including the remote corners of the country to bloom the digital ecosystem. Among other advantages, the interoperable feature of UPI 2.0 makes it best suited to the population residing in rural India.

About Us

PayG provides convergent billing, policy control and payment solutions to service providers worldwide. PayG provides a scalable and flexible billing and POS system solutions wrapped in an appliance which works with P2P, O2O, B2C, B2B, P2C, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Mobile Business, mobile money Wallet, cloud, payment processing and more. PayG is an all-in-one product for online & offline charging, billing, AAA, balance management, customer care, and policy control and interconnect to help them manage complex transactions and relationships with greater flexibility and independence.


To create a safe and secure digital ecosystem that enables anybody to make or receive payments, bringing convenience and trust through continuous innovation leveraging technology.


To generate a positive impact on the fin-techmarket and the industry.